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Family Law Overview

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At the Law Offices of Eileen D. Agnes in Framingham, Massachusetts, I understand the difficult situation you may be in, whether you face a family law issue such as child custody, marital property division or divorce. No matter what issue you face, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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The advantage of Massachusetts being a no-fault state is that you and your spouse do not have to prove fault before you can get divorced. This enables you and your spouse to focus on practical issues such as:

High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorces often involve complex marital property issues such as businesses, commercial property, and future earnings such as deferred compensation and stock options.

Child Custody & Support Modifications

Child custody and child support can be modified after divorce if your circumstances change. For example, if an older child wishes to live with a different parent, the court can order a change in child custody as well as child support based on the custody change.

If you lose your job or a spouse who was not employed is now working the court may order a change in child support.

Contempt Proceedings

Once a parenting plan, support agreement or marital property settlement has been made into an order or a judgment by a family court judge, it is subject to enforcement through what is called a contempt proceeding. Anyone who is found guilty of contempt by violating a court order is subject to financial penalties and even jail time.

Paternity Action

A child has a right to support regardless of whether his parents were married. Similarly, an unmarried father has a right to have regular visits with his child.

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